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Gotham's Prince

Bruce Wayne

19 February
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Bruce Wayne (Batman)




Relevant canon: Batman Begins (movie), The Dark Knight (movie), Batman Gotham Knight (movie shorts), Dark Victory (graphic novel), Arkham Asylum (graphic novel)

(This Bruce Wayne/Batman is a hybrid of canon from DCU and Nolan-verse. If you are concerned as to how this might effect your character, please contact me).

Determining Bruce Wayne's Age

Background Abridged:

After seeing his parents murdered in front of him, Bruce Wayne devoted his life to ridding Gotham City of evil. He pushed himself to his physical, mental and psychological limits and beyond to become Batman.

Background Detail:

Profile Expanded : Background Detail : Relivant Canon Timeline


Bruce Wayne is a wealthy industrialist, playboy, and philanthropist. Batman is violent, driven, and borderline psychopathic. Bruce Wayne is considered the facade, while Batman as the truer psychological representation of the personality. At times Bruce recognizes this absurd contrast and struggles with his fear that he actually belongs in the asylum, while fighting with the criminals he puts in Arkham. At times he is a self-indulgent hero, the best money can buy, and obsesses over his work as Batman, because nothing else provides such immediate and intimate gratification as pulverizing the scum of Gotham with his own two hands as some self-righteous sense of justice. Psychologically, Bruce suffers from some pretty severe delusions, specifically since he's convinced himself that his one-man war on crime is anything more than a childish quest for retribution. In fact he's utterly squandering his position in high society on his power fantasy to make up for the traumatic experience in his childhood that robbed him of his sense of power. If he truly supported law and order, then he would wear a uniform, not a mask. And yet the people of Gotham enable him to remain Batman. They have come to depend upon Batman as a resource, rather then upon themselves, the legal system or restore any faith in the police force. This makes Batman both a parasite and a blessing to Gotham, a creature which recreates itself each night, each time there is a need for Batman.

Physical Description:

Standing at 6'2", with blue eyes and black hair, Bruce Wayne is considered (and voted in various celebrity and human-interest magazines) to be the most handsome man in Gotham.

Skills & Abilities

Disclaimer: This journal is intended for roleplaying purposes. Bruce Wayne (Batman) is property of DC comics, I do not own rights to the character or seek to profit from playing with him.